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The easy way to planning your meals every week


How MyMealPlan can help you?

Organizing your meals you will gain peace of mind, save money and improve your health

Creating your own menu

Making your menu is quick and easy, move recipes over the plan and combine your dishes until you get your preffered choice

With your favorite foods

Add those recipes that you love, you know … those dishes that you like so much and you cook really well.

Saving on groceries

It can be boring making the list every week, but doing it here automatically while you organize the week , that’s easy.

So, why create a meal plan?

So, why create a meal plan?
Most people, when asked about their diet, say they want to be able to make affordable, healthy meals that are delicious, simple and quick to prepare.

Meal planning is one of the main tools to reach this goal (because to tell you the truth, who likes spending hours cooking) and people want the food to be as healthy and nutritious as possible.

1. Meal planning helps people decide what to eat, how to be more conscious about our nutritional needs, including a wide variety of foods that otherwise we wouldn’t add, and qualitatively improving our diet.

2. It helps to reduce the food budget, as it considerably reduces the waste of food and allows us to take advantage of special offers and seasonal products.

3. It saves time and effort (and many headaches). We no longer have to keep scratching our heads everyday thinking about what we could possibly make for lunch or dinner. Knowing what to do in advance allows people to prepare and leave everything ready, such as removing the meat from the freezer, and checking that they have all the ingredients, etc.

Make your life easier

Spend less time thinking about what to cook and more time enjoying the healthy meals.

Customize it

It is as simple as moving the recipes and dropping them on the day of the week you prefer, change them to another day or search among the MyMealPlan recipes provided to fit your lifestyle.

Try new dishes every week

There are millions of recipes and fabulous dishes waiting to be cooked. Easily add recipes from food blogs or recipe websites, using our import tool that saves the recipe by adding it to your RecipeBox whenever you like.

Get there by eating well

Prepare a plan to achieve your goals, lose weight, gain muscle or look after your health it is easy to adapt the MealPlan to your needs. Choose the number of meals you eat everyday, add the number of dishes you want and combine them in the most effective manner. Learn and be inspired by other people as they eat and add new dishes so you will progress faster.

All your favorite recipes

Create a very personal MealPlan that includes all the foods you love, combining your foods with others you want to try and create your own balanced diet.

Step by step

Learn from the way you eat by just checking if you ate a dish or not. You can analyze and discover graphically as you develop your MealPlan, recognize the week failures and improve for the next week. Measure your progress and gain motivation from your achievement goals.

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