Amazing Video: 7 clever hacks you should use in your kitchen

Simplify your life in the kitchen

Whatever your level in the kitchen, from a chef that is capable of preparing more complex dishes of French cuisine to one that can only prepare simple recipes, we all face the same unpleasant situations like tears while cutting onions, trouble opening that pesky can and how to know if the egg is good for using…

Many small details like these can ruin the fun of cooking and healthy eating experience. Today we bring you this amazing video that solves 7 of the most popular situations that can be irritating in the kitchen.

Do not miss these simple hacks that will greatly simplify your time preparing delicious meals. Surely these are tips that our grandmothers used but remain practical today.

Clever tricks collected 7 Video solve issues such as:

1 How to avoid tears while cutting onions

2 How to open a stuck can easily

3 How to tell if an egg is fresh

4 How to disinfect your cutting board naturally

5 How to easily peel eggs

6 How to keep sugar soft in the bag

7 How to keep wine cold without ice